War of Mirrors

Historical context
Seven Years' War

The Seven Years' War. Yeah. Okay, Prussia was in it too. In fact, a lot of countries was in this war. But I thought I'd focus on the France-Great Britain side of things.

Maybe in the future, we could talk about Spain.



By Fasces349 on 19-05-2011 19:21:54

They also took Louisiana :)

By Hyddan92 on 05-09-2011 22:35:26

They also took Louisiana :)

No? France maintained control of the largely unsettled territory of Louisiana. How do you think France was able to sell the territory to the USA in 1803?

By Svip on 12-09-2011 23:35:59

Spain got Louisiana after the war because they let Great Britain have Florida. I'm not sure what the logic behind that was. Spain later gave Louisiana back to France, which in turn sold it to the United States.

By Stalingrad666 on 19-11-2011 02:33:33

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