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Oh, I am sure someone will ask; were those really the flags of the states? And the answer is; not all of them, no. I tried to make it as close as possible, but someone of them did not have flags at the time and there were unofficial ones and whatnot.

But that does take away the fact that most of the U.S. states have ugly flags. And the Confederate States' flag isn't exactly pretty either; but at least easier to draw.

I consider the American Civil War a gift from the Union States, as they were trying to help the Southern states rid themselves of that horrible flag. Shame they couldn't do that to themselves.

So to avoid entire suffocation, I added the UK and France at the end for some decent flags.


If you really wanted to include Briitan, then you should have talked about Canada's confederation, which happened during the civil war...

By Fasces349 on 20-05-2011 18:27:50

The inclusion of Britain and France talking about the US's civil war as a mere non-event is to illustrate how it was actually perceived in Europe at the time. Sure it was mentioned, but it was never considered of any significance.

The real truth to this can be found in how the First World War was played out; had the Europeans truly looked into how the American Civil War was fought, they would have never ended up entrenched for so long. While the machine gun was invented after the civil war, defence was a far better strategy than offence at the time of the civil war.

In essence, no military knowledge was gained for the Europeans by the American Civil War, because they basically ignored it.

By Svip on 06-08-2011 01:00:30

whats the flag of the speaker before he turns into the confederation?

By Hyddan92 on 05-09-2011 22:28:55

whats the flag of the speaker before he turns into the confederation?

Both are South Carolina's flag. The first is its state flag before the war, the second is the Sovereignty/Secession flag of South Carolina.

By Svip on 12-09-2011 23:34:08

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