Your revolt is my opportunity

Historical context
American Revolutionary War

A comic about the American Revolutionary War and no US character?! Well, I bet not many Americans want to hear this, but they won that war for two reason: the British and the French. The British didn't care that much about the colonies (which is why they were taxing them so much to begin with) and France wanted to annoy the British.

And those questioning the British flag. This is from before the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. At this point it was only the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Hence the lack of the St. Patrick's cross in the flag.


The irony of the french funding the American Revolution is that 10 years later America started funding French Revolutionaries.

Had Louis XVI not supported America, he wouldn't have been overthrown.

By Fasces349 on 18-04-2013 06:16:02

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