Flagland is a comic about history and flags. Mainly because I love both. Flags are generally artistically pleasing to me and history can be very interesting, but also quite entertaining.

In Flagland, nations interact with one another as personifications with their flags on their bodies. I will admit that the recreation of historical events are never 100% accurate, and some facts are either left out or screwed for the purpose of comedy.

Flagland was inspired by the meme Polandball and Humon's 'Scandinavia and the World' comics. While Polandball — in retrospect at least — is a miss more than a hit, Scandinavia and the World is well worth a read.

However, they both suffer from focus on current events (I assume because this is what most people can relate to) and not historical events (if only in a regard to a modern dispute). Flagland — to me at least — was an attempt to fill this gap.

That is not to say there aren't other comics like it, but without focus on a single historical event, but rather history as a whole, this gives me as an artist and writer more freedom for the next comic.

Regarding the style (and the possibility of being discredited as not a true artist with that style), it is intentionally. While I can easily draw better (if you will), the fat soft lines, the 'crude' drawn characters and the lack of scenography is intended to create the look and feel of the comic.

It is also meant to give the characters a strange personality of 'cuteness', while actually not acting out particularly cute things. I find the irony between most pleasing and the style won't change. I will also admit, that the style is much faster to draw than something more detailed.

I use an optical mouse to draw my comics, and they are drawn in GIMP entirely. An average comic is created in one and half hour, from conceptuation till upload.

If you have any questions, etc. regarding the site in general, I can be reached at svip@flagland.org.