You're going strait to hell

Historical context
Crimean War

That's the Duchy of Nassau, of course! Gee, Ottoman Empire.

And yeah, that's about what you should know about the Crimean war. Hap hap.

Yeah, yeah, 'where's the Kingdom of Sardinia?' is people gonna ask: Sardinia is not as funny as Nassau. Learn comedy, people, okay?


What's the thing with the holy land?

By Hyddan92 on 05-09-2011 22:20:38

It's a Star of David attached to a Cross?

By Svip on 12-09-2011 23:31:04

yeah? i can see that, what was the bad thing? Did they give jews and christians the same rights there or what?

By Hyddan92 on 09-01-2012 12:42:51

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